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Moku's Rants
Tuesday, 29 November 2005
Three words: Bus, Stupid, teenagers.
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: with many thoughts of killing all teenagers
Topic: Bus Stories
You know, after having a convo with Theresa-chan about the very few “bad things happen to heather” moments lately, I knew, I just knew I was jinxing my self and so ON WITH THE POSTING!!

Yesterday’s bus ride home.

It was raining like Noah just finished his boat, of course, Jeanie was busy, so, basically, moku was busin’ it home--Which I was fine with me. Rain and I now have an understanding you see, I stay the hell away from Steeles Avenue and Rain does not come at me in big waves.

I hopped on the 1B (which by-the-way was 10 minutes late and the 19 dropped me off 17 minutes too early) I was pushed to the back by about 50 tired, wet and bitchy transit users. But I thought I’m on this bus for the long-hall so what the hell…*sigh* I was so wrong.. so very wrong. : (

I sat in a seat alone, comfortably staring out the window into space when four teenagers came storming onto the bus. I mean storming like King Kong stomping talking shit that I couldn’t even begin to describe has I have a brain and know how to use it. If their loud gibberish language wasn’t enough they came storming up in my direction…OH NO, fuck that I’m outta here. I started to get up to move seats but they were already blocking my way with a guitar case and then the zit face teen owner of that guitar case. I had one at my side standing (now called guitar boy, with his guitar case in the seat next to me) and three behind me talking to guitar case boy.

Well, I was defeated so I just slammed back against the hard plastic seat and shrugged “well, what can you do” If I had known how bad it was going to get I would have smashed my way through those adolescence losers. But I chose the way of the diplomat and suffered for it.

I started to understand the gibberish they were muttering bit-by-bit, picking words out here and there. Now, don’t get the impression I was trying to understand them it’s just after 10 minutes of trying to win the battle of ignore them I just gave up and let my brain process the nonsense.

SIDE NOTE: I still don’t understand why they were yelling 20 octaves higher than the norm to guitar boy when it was only a millimeter away. Rule of thumb: Whisper, my little retards, when you can touch someone -- even if they're standing -- their ears are still functioning. I assure you they CAN hear you.

Anyways, I got used to the high noise level so they raised the steaks; five more retards joined the group…OH! Great! What a consequence your friends take this bus too! Moku is just tickled pink. And if I thought the first bunch were noisy fuckers OH, I was fooling myself, presenting, noisier fucktards. This bunch put the others to shame *shakes head*

So, now I’m seriously boxed in. Picture this, I’m in the window seat and in the two seats in front, behind AND across from me are retard teens (that all seem to know each other) and don’t forget guitar boys is at my side – who is always spoken TO (in completely unnecessary loud voices) but never speaks himself…maybe he's the smart one and sees my forehead vein pulsing.

Then the icing on the proverbial cake, one of the girls behind me starts to sing…not softy – no, no, that would be considerate..Wait, singing at all on the bus is inconsiderate! See what these teens are doing to me! AUGH! – She sings loud enough that the whole bus is starting to feel my pain! Now, she wasn’t a horrible singer but it was that “trying too hard to sound like Britney while singing a rock song” type of voice…just cuts thru you like butter, really.

Oh, when that bus reached downtown Brampton I was like get the hella outta my way NOW! Not later NOW! Guitar boy – oh, we had an understanding – he moved that case in 2 seconds flat. And I Moku- smashed my way outta there. Freedom!! Glorious Freedom!!

Moku out

Posted by Moku-Sama at 4:37 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 29 November 2005 4:41 PM EST
Tuesday, 15 November 2005
Moku?s bad day
Mood:  down
Now Playing: not in the mood for this...can't listen to music at work.
Topic: Bus Stories

There are days when I don’t want to wake up in the morning then there are those day when I do wake up and feel pretty darn pleased with myself for rising without a cracking bone or groan only to find out lately I should have stayed the fuck home. Life is full of regrets, I suppose, now on with the post!

In steps fate, waiting with some thing good cooking on the back burner.

God, I don’t even know how to start this rant, I’ve actually re-written this first sentence ten times…fine; I’ll just be boring…

I walked over to the Purlador building last night after work to wait for Ms. Jeanie. I arrived at 5:00 and waited…and waited…waited a bit more….by 5:20, through chattering teeth I said “WTF man!” Decided enough was enough and called the PUs (Parental Units) ‘cause obvious I had been forgotten and they might have some clue as to why. They reported that Ms. Jeanis’s car was not in the driveway...huh? Then why the hell ain’t she here! My fingers were frozen and I was BEYOND pissed off as it was now 5:30 and I had to hike over to the bus stop (a good 10 minutes away) and hop on the smelly bus from hell to take the 2 hour trip home and hopefully arrive in time not to miss dance. Twenty minutes in to my bus ride on the 19 bus of horrible smells I got a little ring-a-ding. I answered and it was none-other than Ms. Where the fuck are you with a very sincere “I’m sorry” speal. Well, when you’re cold, pissed off and hungry “I’m sorry” just doesn’t cut it so I pretty much “hum, ah, uh-un”ed her away.

Skip a head two buses

I arranged with Lori to be picked up near the dance studio—the arrangement was I get off on Steeles, she grabs my dance clothes and I wait. And does anyone (knowing me) think that happened? Anyone? Anyone? Of course that didn’t flipping happen! I instead watched her pass by me—actually laughed at the predicament—and cried from the sear ridiculousness of the whole evil night. After a another five minutes of waiting and watching the Great U-Turn Queen in action I got into the warm car.

Some time passes

At the dance studio I went into the bathroom to change and if I wasn’t tired, hungry and severely pissed off I would have laughed like a mad women as I pulled out the wrong dance pants—there were my Sakura Cosplay pants (short black stretchy pants) which I could have worn if I’d shave in the last 3 weeks. I got over the “holy crap I’m going to kill someone” thing in a matter of moments with a “fuck it” (I didn’t’ actually say that…there were kids running around and all) I’ll just wear my work pants.

Fast Forward to Dance Class…

This actually wasn’t a horrible idea until Madam Russian Nazi made us jump around while she called out Random French gibberish that no one understood.

Russian Nazi: “Chapet! Chapet! “
Heather: *pant, pant* what…*looks at other students* Oh! Jump, right…*pant* why didn’t you just say..*pant* that.
Russian Nazi: no, talk, DANCE!

The Ballet Nazi got a wee-bit annoyed at my lack of skill and yelled at me—I, of course, blamed the pants being too long. She, of course, had a solution…a humiliating solution…two words Rubber Bands. Do I really need to go on?

After that crappy day everything was just chipper when I woke this morning to thundering and the pitter-patter of rain. I just can’t describe my joy.

Moku out.

Posted by Moku-Sama at 1:15 PM EST
Thursday, 10 November 2005
The Brampton Smack Down!
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: *sheepish grin* with that blue rubber band again.
Topic: Bus Stories

Okies, every city, town or hamlet has its “crack downs” Toronto has guns, Montreal has its counterfeit cigarettes, and our own little paradise, Brampton (excuse me, I mean Bramp-fuck-ton), has fraudulent bus transfers. Oh yeah, Brampton transits is getting serious about bus transfers. The buck stops here my non-fair paying friend, Public Transit on the smack down! Watch out expired transfer users Brampton Bus Drivers ain’t gonna take it no more! Oh, did I mention the Bramp-fuck-ton crack down comes equipped with our own version of racial profiling.

Case in point: Last Night: Young black man hops on the bus and whips out his transfer like he’s The Flash raising the suspicion of the over weight bus driver…oh, he’s on to ‘em with a glare that says “you’re not just tired, freezing and just want to sit down quickly, YOU Have an expired bus transfer!” The whole ordeal is resolved when the young man is asked to show his transfer properly. To the fat bus driver’s surprise it’s a valid one OH!! BURN! Take that!! Copper...I mean Public Service Worker…The black kid takes his butt to a seat while the driver gives him the old “I’m on to you” eyes. HELLO, what does he think; this is the black mastermind counterfeit Bus transfer kingpin who’s eluded him for years….smirk on his face and laughing maniacal as he proceeded to his seat. Are you blind Ms. Bus Driver, the Kid was not smirking at you; he was pissed annoyed at you—if this were the wrong side of the track (where ever that might be in Ontario) you’d have a cap in your ass so fast. You’re a luck man, all you got was a *huff* and his “I’m a badass” gangster bow-legged crippled walk *sigh* This kind of shit really puts living in the Suburbs in perspective, eh. :P

Moku Out

P.S. Got Scared at the bus stop today.

Mich: Watch out, eh
Me: what *turns around* AHHH!!! *Magically appearing Ukrainian woman*

Posted by Moku-Sama at 9:33 AM EST
Monday, 26 September 2005
Do I really need to write a title...just read.
Now Playing: with some mac and cheese that I found b/t my toes!
Topic: Bus Stories
*yawn* Monday morning. *weak voice* hurray. *roll eyes*

It did indeed rain today so I know all of you are waiting for “Bus Ride: The Return of the Rain 4. Sorries to disappoint but the rain wasn’t heavy enough this morning to produce splashing. No, instead I had Mich (my sister) making this GOD awful noise every time a truck came by sprinkling a few drops of water on her umbrella—she hasn’t learn yet “it’s only water” Once I could forgive, seeing as I’d informed her of my tales of rain woes, but she continued to make this horrible noise that (seriously) come from a passed life where she’d been tortured to death EVERY bloody time a truck passed by (whether actual perspirations touch her or not) The kicker here, my friends, is that when she screamed she whipped her umbrella in front of her to protect her self from the oncoming moisture. HELLO! my dear sister, you’re getting wetter by removing the umbrella from your head (yes, Rain falls from the sky) than the non-existence splashing from the trucks. I swear! I can’t be related to that! *smacks self*

OH! And I should mention she was also singing between screams, periodically commenting “I can sing, come on, I can!” RIIIIGHT!! Sure! Fine! You can sing but that’s mean you SHOULD sing at the bus stop on the way to work!


Mich: *singing* singing in the rain! OH singing in the rain. !!!AHHHH!!!!!! *torturing scream*
ME: Must you do that?
Mich: Do what? *returns to singing* “singing in the rain!!”
ME: That?
Mich:*turns to me* “I can sing!”
ME: umm...*tunes her out*

I will write more later (I actually have quite a bit of work to do today…stupid Mondays!!)

Posted by Moku-Sama at 12:37 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 28 September 2005 11:54 AM EDT
Friday, 23 September 2005
Bus Ride: The Return of the Rain III
Now Playing: with my imagination.
Topic: Bus Stories
As you noticed it rained yesterday--much to my surprise. Of course, I didn’t get a ride because I actually need one and we all know that when I need I fate steps in and say "HAHA you're ass is taking the transit". So I had to take the bus *sigh* I can handle a bit of water I told myself as I stared at the drops of water on the window of the evil bus. Even stuck my tongue out at them. Can’t get me down! I’m going in the opposite direction of work!

I kept up this attitude until I stepped off of the 11 bus. The rain was hitting me so hard I think I was bruising, still I was holding up the “only water” outlook with slightly lower upbeat-ness. After the bus drove away I saw another bus across the street heading in the direction of the transfer point I needed to get to. HOLY BUS STOP Batman!! I need to book it!! I started to run (I’m wearing a shirt and flip-flop by-the-way) but noticed ONE: my shirt was flying in the wind and TWO: you can’t run in flip flop (at least not properly). So off went the shoes! I ran like a mother in bare feet reaching the stop just as the bus stopped only to look up and see ITS NOT MY FUCKIN BUS!!! *insert many MANY profanities here*

I waved it away with a defeated “go away” arm movement and hunched over to catch my breath. I found a tree to shelter under until the (right) bus came along—I mean, really, how long could it take. *eye twitch* After about 10 minutes I was in drown rat status which is fine, it’s only water *eye twitch* I had to pick between saving my backpack from totally soaked-ness or holding my skirt down. Seeing as my Gameboy SP was in there I opped for the latter—and as we all now my dignity is LONG gone in this city so I really don’t feel horrible about flashing on-going traffic all that much.

Now, You’d think that bramptonians would have seen a few people in the rain before—nothing new, right. WRONG!!! I was a beacon in the dark for the Bramp-fuck-ton motorist (God, knows why) but these retards found it impossible to pass by me without staring and slowing down. I WAS FUCKIN’ SLOWING DOWN TRAFFIC!!! WOW! Rain plus a person equal a flippin’ Wet Person! HELLO! 2 + 2 is 4! Fine, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt maybe their were concerned for my well being (riiiight) ‘cause I was under a tree during a thunder storm (for all those slow people). All I have to say to that is 1% chance of getting hit by lightening 100% of getting wet, that math!


Damn it! I just got peanut butter on my keyboard! I'm eating a sandwich, by-the-way, with crappy no-name peanut butter. My family gets me used to the good stuff then informs me yesterday that we're on a budget so get used to it. WHA!! Wait a minute here! The king and queen of gambling are telling me we have to down-size, please! Skip out on your casino fix for one week and see how much Kraft Peanut Butter that buys. Pff!

Sorries, for the rant--this sandwich is nasty. Mmm...on to the banana!

Back on Topic

I still can’t believe they slowed down *shakes head* and not just one person, EVERYONE! Anyways, another 5 minutes ticks by and I see a bus (INNER HEATHER: HURRAY!!) not so fast, there, I’m not finished. A bus come, not MY bus…*random mumbled curses at Brampton Transit* So, I had to wait some more! In my opinion buses should be different colours. Then you wouldn’t have to put up with crap like this…boo. I swear give me control of the Brampton transit system for a day, I’d have that shit fixed up in an hour! 19 you’re now the brown bus (‘cause it’s crappy and smell and reminds me of pooh). 11 you’re blue ‘cause the main driver is a sour faced women who seems to have MANY suppressed issues. And lastly, 16, you’re ghetto 60s rainbow, ‘cause MAN you need some maintenance—the ding bell hangs off of the emergency break on the middle window for Christ sake! FIX THAT SHIT! I could literally take the cord and strangle someone.

The 16 came in all its ghetto-ness five minutes after the 15. I was so relieved but when I got on the five (dry—how the hell are THEY dry!) passengers stared at me too!! WHAT IS UP with this city!! I’m moving I’m fuckin’ fucking moving!

Posted by Moku-Sama at 11:57 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 4 November 2005 11:18 AM EST
Monday, 19 September 2005
Leaky Bag (part 2)
Mood:  loud
Now Playing: seriously, I'm playing with a rubber band I just found on my desk.
Topic: Bus Stories
Riding on the bus today I felt a familiar wetness on my leg. The peaches container I so praised only a few weeks ago has failed me. *sigh*

I suppose I can understand its lack of holdage with the consent melting in the microwave over the course of two decades but I’ve been rather nice to the plastic thing since it held up so well with the peaches and this is how it repays me! I’m seriously disillusioned.

At least this time there was no guessing game involved. Only had one liquefied substance in my lunch bag, the sticky juice now hardened on my pant leg was diffidently apple sauce. SO! It’s the old routine of “Everyone stares at the weird business women holding a lunch bag upright and at arms length”. I really want to address the importance of proper tightness of lids to all manufactures out there, *clear throat* you suck, thank you.

For Leaky Bag Part one Click Here

Posted by Moku-Sama at 10:53 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 28 September 2005 11:59 AM EDT
Tuesday, 23 August 2005
Warning don't pull Underwear stings! trust me on this one!
Mood:  accident prone
Now Playing: *sigh* I can't listen to music at work...why do I bother fighting this--do you people even read it!?
Topic: Bus Stories
Well, I just got made fun of for eating chip at 8 o clock in the morning, so I thought...umm...might be time to start this morning’s rant! Okies! First up, educating the man folk about a few things so they can follow long with the ladies.

Women have three types of underpants, boys: Regular everyday underwear, Period Panties *shudder* and lastly, the emergency underwear.

Regular is self explanatory, so I’ll move on to period panties. They’re used only during that time of the month—they tend to be larger, less silky and over-all ugly as sin. The Emergency undies are those ripped up, bleached thin, so full of hole you’re technically not wearing underwear, type of panties. Majority is made up of old period panties that are worn out--really defeating the purpose of having over-sized underwear.

So, now that we’re all on the same page here is the rant. (Note: heather HATES the word panties but will use the term ‘cause they are only like 4 other underwear synonyms)

This morning I noticed the lack of clean undies. With a sigh I went to the “emergency” stash under my bed grabbed the first pair I saw and put them on. They felt a bit baggy in the butt but I wasn’t too worried I was planning on wearing baggy pants anyways. I slipped on the pants and ran down the stairs to get my lunch ready. After noticing the HUGH amount of cat hair on my black pants I decided to switch clothing on the lower half of my body—forgetting I was wearing the baggy underwear. Right as I was picking another pair of pants to wear Mich yell up to me to get movin’ ‘cause she’s leaving-- I’m like “shit shit! Give me a second!” I grabbed a skirt and slipped in on and flew down the stair and out the door while zipping them up. It took all of two second to catch up to Mich (SLLLLOOOWWW ass walker). It wasn’t until I got to the bus stop that I remembered I was wearing the three-year-old-bleach-spotted-full-of-holes panties with a SKIRT! Whoops! I’ll just have to remember to keep my legs together and make sure the wind doesn’t blow my skirt up.

My ride (on all three buses) was uneventful. The emergency underwear was holding up rather well. BUT! (I know you all were waiting for the “but”) as I was walking to the Samsung building I fixed my clothes (like I always do) I wasn’t really thinking (again) as I pulled on a string that was bothering me at the waist. WELL! Apparently that was the undies LAST leg and I just happen to be the surgeon who cut it off, whoops, my bad. The little sting turned into a big string as I tried to cut it off without pulling on it (which is IMPOSSIBLE! By-the-way) so now I have a few inches of underwear string mixed with the elastic holding up my underwear wrapped around my finger. After a noticed my pulling wasn’t helping I stopped—if I didn’t I wouldn’t have much left of my already holy undies—and I stuffed the ball of string into the underwear. WAH! only half my body has an elastic holding the underwear up. SO, now I’m walking around work with baggy panties that have a little bump (that’s VERY visible--stupid tight skirt) on the side where I stuffed the string (can’t cut—have no scissors, can’t rip it off—pulling only makes it worse…WTF? What am I supposed to do!!?) bah! *groan* *sigh*

Posted by Moku-Sama at 9:41 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 28 September 2005 12:12 PM EDT
Friday, 19 August 2005
Trucks on Steeles SUCK balls! and weird African men on the bus are prevs!!!
Now Playing: no time..this took me two hours to write
Topic: Bus Stories
Be prepared this is going to be a long one, trust me!

I'll go in order (it will just get worse and worse and worse as you read--I swear I'm cursed just for your amusement)

Rant # one:

Yesterday after going to the potty I went to go wash my hands. At first the pump didn't work then I noticed this little posts-it sign someone "nice" put on the side of the mirror (if it was maintenance OH! Someone getting FIRED!) It read "pull then push down" So! Being the smart individual that I am I followed the little note's instructions. Well a smart assumption is not always a smart move, apparently. I pulled up then pressed down on the metal pump and BOOF!! About 20 liters of soap comes flying at me! Fortunately, I had a silky black shirt on so getting the soap off wasn't too hard. Problem was thou that soap has a VERY over-powering smell. I had to walk around the office smelling like Lilacs for the rest of the people noticed.

Side Note: I blamed maintenance so I left the mirror as it was..HAHA clean that you JERKS!

Rant # Two:

After work yesterday I went to the mall to see Erick (former Anime club member) to help him with his Unleashed cosplay. To make a long ass story a bit shorter I'll skip to the part where I tried to use my CIBC Debit card to buy some gold rings for my Miroku cosplay at Lewis Craft. The lady looked at me and then informed me that my card was declined--WTF? I have like two thousand bucks in that account! Well, I got a few stares from the other customers (all thinking I'm poor and can't buy a 5 dollar item--*snicker snicker* let's all laugh at the poor girl! *gives finger*). I tried a again but the same thing happened (more stare...blah blah *gives the finger again*) so I restored to the Montreal account which I rarely use 'cause it's really only for my phone bill and for my dad to transferring money to/from. That was approved, so I booked it outta the store with some dignity 'cause apparently I can pay my bills (thank you VERY much snobby Jewis Craft customers).

I went upstairs to the CIBC bank machine and put my card in and it just spit it right out like my card left a bad taste in its mechanical mouth! I didn't know what to do! So I told Erick to eat something (he was hungry) and I waited with him--continuing to wonder what was up with my debit card. Now I'll just skip the "me saying my goodbye and coming home" I knew it was passed the work hours of the bank so talking to a teller and calling were out of the

At home, I went upstairs and turned on the computer to see if I could do internet banking--nope! It just kept telling me my password was wrong. I was pretty close to losing it (crying I mean, not hitting the computer--I've long since *whenever* stop blaming my crappy MDG computer for every mishap) I pouted on my bed for about a minutes before I snuff back the tears and formed the plan to call CIBC to see what the hell was going on! They HAD to have some 800 number for assistance! After about five minutes of searching I found a 24 hour banking number So, I thought WHY not rant to them! At least they'd know where to direct me. I'll sum up the call 'casue this is getting long (and I still have three more rants to go). Lady was nice and put me on hold while she assessed the situation, came back on and politely told me "your card may have been copied so we deactivated your card" NANI!!!! ("what" in Japanese)

First HOLY SHIT! My money! My Precise Money!! Second! What didn't anyone call me about this!!! She told me that I had to go to the place I made the account and get a new card. I was too shocked to ask questions, I just said, "umm..thank you" and hung up.

Rant the third:

It all started when Mich--who has the day off--informs me that it's raining. so I'm busing this morning alone in the rain...HURRAY! Getting on the first bus was easy didn't even get wet (YEAH GO umbrellas!!) That's where the happiness ends, my friends (okies is anyone but me noticing I'm rhyming a lot?)

There is this little bus shelter on Steeles where I wait for the eleven bus, so I made my way towards it. Well with all the rain and the cars going a mile a minute you get a little thing called SPASHING! I avoided the water pretty well, only my shoes got a tiny-bit wet *pats self on back* Now I did notice the BIG trucks on steeles (one thing about steeles I should tell you it's a VERY busy road with TONs of trucks) but I didn't think much of it UNTIL the first wave of water hit me SO hard I almost fell over. Fine, whatever, I can recover from that! I got to the bus shelter and I'm about 50% wet by now (umbrella isn't holing up its end of the bargain...well can't blame it, it is only for down pour rain NOT big ass waves coming from the side). In the bus shelter--where I assumed I was save--OH no! BIG ass trucks came. I almost laughed at it as I watched it come towards me "ha-ha you can't get me in here!" WRONG!! I was drenched in like 2 seconds by full on wave of dirty nasty street water--is that a world record!

This also I could handle--water dries--but one after another the trucks came with their waves of water! I was pushed by the water right to the glass in the shelter and it was so COLD!! WAHH!! Oh! Here is the KICKER! The eleven bus FINALLY came and you wanna know what the bus driver said to me! He points to my umbrella which isn't open 'cause I gave up on it LONG ago and says "how are you so wet, you have that?" I glared at this man, this innocent man, looking like a drowned rat and said nothing. I shook off the water I could like a dog and walked to the back of the bus where I wouldn't draw too much attention to myself. This was not the case (see rant number four!)

Rant #4

The day started off bad so why not keeping going! I sat down with a wet shushing noise in the back of the bus. I tried to ignore everyone so they'd get the clue to ignore me. I did glace up at two idiots on the bus trading weed, or selling it (not sure I didn't see any money just weed). Another bus rider saw this too and I rolled my eyes at the situation to him (he nodded and rolled his eyes) now, that's where I thought the non-existent conversation would end OH no! not in heather world of mis-fortune! Apparently, an eye gesture to a fellow bus rider is a signal to start talking to me...Moku's rule: when you're three feet away from me and don't speak English so I can't understand you DOESN'T mean come and sit next to me! *groan* the dude was creepy too and smelled like baby powder for some reason...cheaper than cologne, I think yes!

He continues to ask me questions about myself, and I thought (at first) he was just trying to be nice. But then he popped the question of "are you single?" I mentally smacked my forehead and lied (sorries Alex but I used your name for the make-up boyfriend I claimed to some African guy now thinks we have a very successful long-term relationship) Of course saying I'm not available, you'd think he'd back off, OH no! Not in heather's world--he told me I'm pretty about a million times then asked for my number. I'm shy with people I don't know and I was SERIOUSLY freaked out so I just kept my head pointed to the floor. I nodded sometimes or told a lie when asked something personal. When the bus stopped I HIGH TAILED IT OUTTA THERE!!! I didn't turn around or say goodbye I RAN LIKE A MOTHER!

The rest of the morning ride to my work was uneventful (thank god! I couldn't take anymore) but when the head secretary smiled at me and opened her mouth I stopped her and replied "No! Not a good morning" and walked to my desk.

UPDATE: Fixed the porblem with the puncation. :P also I've eaten three timmy's dounuts so I'm rather happy now! :P

Posted by Moku-Sama at 10:04 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 28 September 2005 12:13 PM EDT
Thursday, 18 August 2005
Potty dances and Singing sisters
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: *glare* ohh..this is getting old *ignored question*
Topic: Bus Stories
Okies, I need to get my mind off the whole “can’t go to the bathroom ‘casue they’re cleaning it or doing maintenance or something” so I’m writing in here. This whole issue wouldn’t even BE an issue if I didn’t drink all that damn apple juice *point at apple juice box* BAH!! You suck!

UPDATE: I finally got to go peepee! YEAH! I feel much better now AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Anyways, this morning I was running around the house looking for my red earrings, I don’t normally misplace things so I knew something was up! I plopped *snicker* plop..hahaha…okies back to the story, down at the table and voiced my frustration—I wasn’t really talking to Mich but she though I was. So, she confessed with a laugh that she had hidden them ‘cause apparently I wear them too much and they’re all ugly (she said old granny like but I took that as meaning ugly). She said Lori and she were laughing yesterday about me wearing them!! AHH!!!! WTF?!! Lori said she liked them FIRST OFF! When I bought them and SECOND I rarely wear these earrings I just happen to wear them three days in a row ‘cause I was wearing red to match! Aughh! Sisters! I got over the whole thing in a few seconds of ranting (she was quite and nodded—admitting that I rarely rant so I deserve a minute of her time—she too kind)

Now I’m ready for some Humour—how ‘bout you!

I’ve now dubbed Mich the singing sister. Why, you ask? Because she like to embarrass the HELL out of me at the bus stop—and I do a pretty good job of that myself (steal my thunder! Why don’t ya!)

It all started when I got off the Go B bus and saw the 11 driven by, I just waved at it like a two year old and said “bye bye bus, bye bye” which made Mich laugh—and I got a weird stare from the lady who also got off at the stop (WHAT! I didn’t notice her!) Anyways, as I avoiding eye contact with the lady Mich plugged in her little CD player and started listen to tunes. And what CD was she listening to? Oh, no, not the back street boys (that would be justified given that they’re having a come back) no it was the Sailor Moon English release CD! I didn’t even take notice until she started singing “fight evil by moon light” I swear to god I tried to look embarrassed so she’d stop but it’s too damn funny!!! I grown women singing the theme to a children’s (cancelled) cartoon, what else could I do!! Man, this would make a good MasterCard commercial!

Cd player: 45 dollars—bought by ME! ‘cause hers broke in my possession so I had to buy her a new one when the broken one was like 5 years old! (sorries, old wound now re-opened)

CD—5 bucks in the States, so she says...pff…I bet they were giving it away.

Bus ride: $2.35 -- this time I remember that pink tickets equals Brampton transits!! GO ME!!

Singing the intro to sailor moon at the bus stop: Priceless!!

I think I should end this…I’m babbling (INNER HEATHER: don’t you always..sort of the premise of this blog, ne?) *glare* Anyways, I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those days—so look out for a double post today. (maybe)

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Tuesday, 16 August 2005
Long ass story about leaky lunch bags--funny thou!
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Another installment of EMBARASSING THINGS HAPPEN TO HEATHER! (What are we on now? Four or five million…*sign* )

Leaky shit drips on me

Riding the bus like every bloody day talking to mich—who was telling me about the amusing ending to Q & F (for all those who care that’s code for Queer As Folk, long story—well not really—but I dunno wanna get into right now) Anyways, I rang the bell to get off at our stop when I looked down at my skirt and you wanna know what I saw! BIG ASS STAIN! Right on the white flower part! Of course it HAD to be right in the middle near my crouch, ‘cause the fate need some more laughs at heather’s expense.

I got off the bus trying to act normal (like no one saw the big wet spot *smacks head*) I grabbed my lunch bag and searched for the culprit! I had some canned peaches in a Tupperware container, so I assumed that was the leaking offender! I took that mo fo out and gave it a stern talking to…seriously…people in their cars thought I was nuts, yelling “BAD canned peaches” at the container in my hand. (I’m starting to think I really am insane…or have no regard for proper social behavior)

Waiting for the 11 bus I used a Wet nap to clean the browning stain as mich continue to mutter the EVER-SO-HELPFUL “That’s not going to work” Thanks mich, I’ll just walk around with a brown stain on my crouch, leaving people to come to their own conclusion to its origins—at least if I look like I’m trying to get it out people will get that it’s a stain and not shit!

After leaving mich at Shopper’s World I hopped on the evil bus and sat down. Only to notice that brownish liquid was STILL leaking out of my lunch bag! THAT”S BULLSHIT! I’ve been holding these peaches for two bus rides—which made me look stupid!--to have THEM NOT BE the evil food item that stained my skirt!! OH! Bravo *clap clap* having a good laugh up there *looks up to the sky*

I had to walk thru the field to the Samsung building holding a can of peaches and a wet-ass lunch bag at arms length—got a few stares I can tell you. Up on the 9th floor I found the REAL guilty party! It was my can of soup! Yeah, the sealed can of chicken noodle! The peaches in a crappy 1989 container that’s been melt 20 times in the microwave didn’t leak ONE DAMN BIT! It was the factory sealed brand new can of soup! For Jesus sake! That’s BULL SHIT!!!

NOTE: despite Mich negativity I did get most of the stain out with the wet nap.

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