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Moku's Rants
Monday, 17 December 2007
HBC X-mas Party
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: with evil thoughts.
Topic: Work Rants

So it just so happens that the day of the Christmas party is the day mother nature gives Brampton a big fuck you in the form of blowing snow and freezin’ ass winds. It’s also the day my sick ass decides to get MORE nasal, my body aches like a truck hit it and I’m inching’ like crazy ‘cause I decided to try on a 100% poly. Dress even though I know full well I’m allergic. Hurray! I’m totally in the festive spirit now!! *rolls eyes*


The only thing keeping me going was the thought of food (wondrous gourmet food) Which you’re all thinking “what’s the big deal” First, did I mention FREE food…second, When you’ve been living off of dry cereal and canned food from sample sale for three months get the fuck back to me on that one.


Anyways, as I said, it’s snowing like a mother fucker and cold as bloody death and what does heather decide to wear..A short dress with stockin’ (I was totally dropped on my head when I was a youngsters, I just know it). Teeth chattering I made it over to Anne and Stasia’s. Where I watch pretty much the entire Encino Man movie while the two Miss.Prisses got their butts ready.  I’m not sure what the heck they were doing but apparently it take an hour and a half to put on a dress over your head, dap on makeup and pick out shoes. You want to know how long it took me to get ready boys and girls…5 damn minutes. 4 of which were me bushin’ Mother Nature’s fuck you off my car. Not that the two didn’t look amazing (suppose it wouldn’t kill me to try a little harder)…but DAAAMMMNNNN I didn’t realize it took so long to be beautiful. Sign my ass up for ugly-camp ‘cause I just don’t got that kind of time or patience. Humm, I’m being quite rude and mean, eh. Well, life’s a bitch, yuck it up ‘cause it’s true. I can’t count the times Tan (Stasia’s date) and I gave each other a “what the hell are they doing up there” look.


Anyways, after passing two “I’m a fuckin idiot who can’t drive in snow” accident we arrived at the Congress Centre. We were actually a bit late (not mentioning any names as to why) so I was like “HURRAY! We don’t have to wait too long to eat” WRONG! Those bastards didn’t feed us for hours! It was like “take your time and mingle” FUCK that! Heather came here to EAT god damn it!! I can “mingle” at the office where I have to pretend to like you (oopse, did I just say that). Um..yeah, well, Lack of food made me a little less tolerable of bad service.


FINALLY they let us sit down (after I ate off of every appetizer tray…what the hell I was eating who the fucks know due to poor ass lighting.). Now seated I thought “FOOD FOOD FOOD” but due to a poor choice in tables after half hour my thoughts turned to “If I don’t get food right now I’m declaring war on the next table that does!” I actually started to picture myself in full Xenia warrior princess garb. Yelling “give me your food or I’ll stab you with this butter knife!” Gladly, I didn’t…I wouldn’t want to contribute to bad employee relations (*gasp* no, not I). oh! Did I mention they did bring two dinners to our was hilarious seeing my two dinner guest staring at their food (waiting with annoyed looks for everyone else to get their food). In the light of a hungry stomach, politeness be damned, *pft* I totally would have eaten…I’d be chompin’ away at my chow like “What, I’m hungry BITCHES”


The whole affair with the food, and waiting made me think the Congress Centre’s slogan should be “Yes! You will get your dinner...EVENUALLY” Through, without pounding the table with my cutlery (which I didn’t think would get me anywhere) I DID get my dinner..Evenually *rolls eyes* but not before I had deep imbedded resentment towards the service staff. In retrospect, maybe banging the table with my fork and knife would have gotten my somewhere. You don’t want to serve me FINE! I’ll make a scene…oh! Here’s my dinner! Great. Thanks”


Oh Oh, did I mention that not only were we unable to GET service we weren’t able to serve ourselves. When we tried to pour our own wine they came like bees (two of ‘em) taking the bottle from us. Oookkkaayy, well we now know how to get your damn attention too bad it’s half an hour too late.


You want to know what icing on the cake was the highlight of the evening, my friends…watching the buyer who give me stress, headaches and hair loss get a fuckin’ 300 dollar massager. WOOT, my night is now flippin’ complete; let’s wrap it up and go home! Which I did…back into Mother Nature Rag time fun.


And that kiddies, is my take on the 2007 HBC Christmas party…*takes a bow*


P.S. yeap, I copped out at the end…but the screw you I have work to do.


P.S.S. if there are spelling errors and you point them out to me I reserve the right to smack you…haha and you all thought I was SOO nice.


Posted by Moku-Sama at 2:19 PM EST
Wednesday, 5 July 2006
anonymous taste-testing at work!
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Work Rants
anonymous taste-testing at work!

So, at 12 o clock today a hazy voices comes on the speakers informing
there is a free chocolate sampling in the main lobby. I played with the
good and bad devils of lactose before realizing' I was f**king fooling
myself! With that first utter of "Free" I was SOOO there. *best super
hero impression* Cheap heather ALWAYS prevails!! UP UP AND AWAY!!

Well, when I got there I saw said chocolates BUT they were laid out
individually with long white sheets under 'em. skeptical heather raised
an eyebrow - of course with anything "free" there always a catch. :( In
this case the product was still free BUT you had to fill out a RETARDED
survey for EACH piece you tried. Which sounds like nothing but think
about doing that for 20 different kinds of chocolate/biscuit type
-- trust me, it was just plain annoying.

Anyways, I was pissed off 'cause I had to fill out this bullshit of a
survey in order to eat my chocolate (I don't even like chocolate but
damn it was FREE!)...

OH!! sorries to interrupt but I just made a little SPD* in my chair
*head pops up from cubical, scan to the right, scan to left* ALL clear!
now back to my little tale:

Anyone who knows me knows pissed off heather equal brutally honest
heather -- It was just so kind of the testers to provide me with a
comment box to vent my frustration. I know you're all thinking I'm a
whiny bitch, I should be happy with my free food..blah blah. first off
BITE ME! Second, the definition of Free is being abused here...Will no
one stand up for the word "free" damn it! Free does not mean buy a
and fries and get a free burger which actually means you only save ten
cents off combo number one. Free is not defined as do this and get this
for free! no no no! IT means I get SAID item for NOTHING! NA-DA! or
ZIPPO! fuckers! I'm not expecting the career description of a sample
"person" to include a flipping University education but I'm sure
has to read these survey therefore someone working for this cruel lie
a "free" sampling has to be able to read...can't pick up a dictionary?
can't look up a flipping word? Okies, I'm done beating this sent to the
glue factory, dead, and decaying horse...moving on!

I first tried some hazelnut chucky chocolate that looked like a tard
I was drawn to it...says alot about me, doesn't it *sigh* So, brutally
honest heather had some fun with the questionnaire (which was
oh! they were SO asking for it.

Question: Rate look?

It looks know.

Question: smell?

lucky doesn't smell like you know...more like chocolate.

Question: Would you buy this product?

No, looks like you know.

That's basically what I wrote. I ended all my surveys with "pocky is
better" which a co-worker (that guy I told you all about who likes me)
said I was mean...*pft* Get to know me longer pal, I'm a real B I T C

The next one I tired was a wafer cracker with chocolate in the middle -
they had stupid names and descriptions but I had the damn thing half
eaten before looking at question number one: Does description match the
product? um..maybe after I poop it out. haha, I SO should have written
that...I think I wrote closer enough or something. The last chocolate I
tasted was melted so I pretty much bitched the whole survey about that.
I held back a lot...didn't know if they'd dust it for prints to find me
*looks around suspiciously* now a days, you can't be too careful, ya

So, the long and short of it is I'm sick as a flippin' dog right now
from those chocolates..damn you lactose! and I have 3 hours left of
work..WOOPIE! Really, If I gave you a gun would ya kill me?

moku out

*for all those idiots the means silent but deadly.

Posted by Moku-Sama at 6:17 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 5 July 2006 6:24 AM EDT
Thursday, 20 April 2006
My E-mail to Abby from my work computer.
Topic: Work Rants
I ran tonight so I'll have A LOT to rant about tomorrow but while you wait here is a funny (more stupid) E-mail I sent Abby the Life line today.

Hey Abby

Man, what a flippin' day! I'm so outta it man, I'm not sick or anything it's just that I can't think right -- everything is like blahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I can get my work done but at about 1/2 the time and
I keep makin' stupid mistakes. Whatever, jobs gets done I go home *shrug* all is right with the world..or whatever. Damn it I"m not making
sense here...I don't even think I had a point to E-mailing you. I just thought "hey, why not e-mail abby!" then I was like "where am I! what day is it!" then I realized I was at work and it was 3:00 and I needed to E-mail you. SO here I am, E-mailin' you and thinkin' I really shouldn't have since I"m not making much sense here...or any, actually.

I'm too scared to re-read this ('cause I'll just think I'm retarded and delete the whole thing and get too lazy to re-write it)

I'm so sleepy, and I have to run, why do I do this to myself. Sign up for things I eventually hate or feel too lazy to do.

Anyyywayyy, If I was at home, on my personal E-mail, I'd tell you about this dude I have to put up with here. I call him Ass Kisser Sr. (not 'cause he is a
bigger asskisser than *looks right Looks left* you know *wink wink* but becuase he's about twice his age.) And with all his years on Asskisser
Jr. he isn't any better at it - actually he really sucks at it. 'cause everyone here thinks he is a retard and we all know how well Samsungs
Asskisser is at doing dick and getting the high five from the big heads. *sigh* the world is unfair, blah blah, and all that jazz I suppose. I'm not re-opening that can a worms -- I escaped the ninth gate of BS hell no reason for me to get emotional. damn it am I not making sense again..I saw this lint ball in the air and my mind wondered...oh pretty ball of fluffy filth, how pretty you are in all your evil dustiness.
I'm so poetic, eh. ha-ha.

I'm done I'm going to go now...I"m too f'ed to write.


Heather Carriere
Distributor -- Ladies Wear
Dept. 103/166/466
Brampton Head Office
(905) 792-XXXX

Posted by Moku-Sama at 8:16 PM EDT
Monday, 10 April 2006
New Job Part 2: Asskisser Version 3.1
Now Playing: with my brain matter.
Topic: Work Rants
Okies, I gypped you guys on a blog entry - I'll admit part one was pretty short - but surprising enough, (despite the 70s upholstered cubical) this place just isn't as rant-worthy as the ninth gate of BS hell...too bad, so sad. But rants are not the only think moku is good for. As well as the superb abilities to speak in third person, she is also known for her keen observation - I.E. making fun of everyone. Now on to the post!

I did mention the AssKisser Sr. in the last blog, right? Well, if I didn't I'll start now: AssKisser Sr. is a guy who was hired after I was -- Think back to High school and that nerd who counldn't say Chick without giggling. Anyways, beside the retarded giggling - which is REALLY getting on my nerves -- He's also an expert in babbling and wasting my time with his little tidbit that make no's even beyond smile and nod,people. It's like this; the dude just enters my cubical, sighs and says "can you believe this!" then walks away. Now I don't remember telling or giving the impression I was physic, so I'm going with this fucker got some issues *heather draws out the word iiissseeeueees* or just likes to confuse poor old heather. Now, I can deal with out burst of laughter after awkward odd comments regarding "hot chicks" but make some sense man! I'm running outta ways to humors your retarderness. And there is NO way I'm getting down to your level to understand it either. Fuck that I have enough of Samsung's BS floating around my head to jam any more worthless none-sense.

*blink blink* wow, I'm really mean, aren't I. I'm a bitch, well a closet bitch -- since I'm nice as pie to everyone's face --...OH MY GOD I'm two faced! Why didn't you people tell me! I'm a two faced bitch *cries* I'm that nice person who hold everyone is distain and one day will snap and climb a tower with an AK 47...hmp...not a bad end for me actually... great story to tell the other f'er in heaven. Hell of a lot better then "died in my sleep" or "eat some bad chinese" right...I'm being weird again, aren't I...*snap fingers* man, I need to sleep
more...stupid book.

Posted by Moku-Sama at 6:23 PM EDT
Sunday, 2 April 2006
MY new life (part one)
Now Playing: ring arround the fuckin' rosey..damn it! now stop asking me.
Topic: Work Rants
I've neglected this blog for a while and I know you're all just dieing to hear how my life has improved since my liberation from Samsung, the
nation of boredom. Don't expect this to be long -- if it is then I really deserve a pat on the back, seeing as this is my lunch hour I'm wasting it writing this -- and if it isn't cry me a fuckin' river. Sue me, I wanna eat. Anyway, before I get to negitive from lack of proper nutient (do you have any idea how many times I've attempt to spell that correctly..yeah I gave

I'll move on...I think I had a topic selected... *re-reads* oh, right my new life here at HBC.

Some things havn't changed -- even thou I swore I'd dress better and display a model employee attidute (apparently I just can't kiss ass *shrug*). As well, I still stare at a computer all day but this time it's a crappy CRT from the days of Kmart. Yeah, this building used to be the head office of Kmart..remember them? and not much has been done to
update...but on the bright side I'm really starting to like the colours orange and brown. I have a cubical (it's smaller thou, and made outta's smells funny too). Oh, but a big plus is if I ever get bored I can wack the side of the wall and watch twenty years of dust clouds fill the air.

I have a neighbour. Her cubical is a "prefume free zone" she has a printed out warning sign and everything...I'm seriously worried about her.

God, what else...I have to back-track three weeks..I've been too busy to even form a thought that might erupt into a rant. Well, At least I posted...I will post more later.

Posted by Moku-Sama at 10:05 AM EST
Updated: Sunday, 2 April 2006 10:06 AM EST
Thursday, 2 March 2006
another stupid customer...
Topic: Work Rants

Posted by Moku-Sama at 11:01 AM EST
Wednesday, 1 March 2006
Mark it BITCH!
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: two my thumbs...fucking 'tard HR btich...grrrr.
Topic: Work Rants

Well let’s see how long my balder holds up *under breath* fuckin’ tea.

Okies, so everyone knows I’m leaving the 9th gate (well technically the 10th gate..damn temporary displacement!) of corporate Bull shit Hell in three days, right..good we’re all on the same page. Now on to the rant:

*breathe* Okay, I have been very tolerant with Human Resource, dare I say extremely overly patient. So, I’m justified in bein’ pissed, nes pas? *finds an open window and pops her head out* I WANT MY fuckin’ SAMSUNG TEST BACK! *pops back in* I don’t feel better…grrrr.

Do you remember that test I had to do on Samsung history..humm..I dunno about EIGHT months ago, yeah, that one. It’s STILL not marked and I’m leaving in three days. I’m sure you’ll all thinking “but heather why do you care so much?” well, kiddies, there is this thing call MONEY. I like it and if I get an 80% on the test I get a hundred bucks worth of it. So, I’m a little annoyed when HR bitches don’t reply to me E-mail inquires.

I hate calling other women bitches but when I continue to harass you about something you’re supposed to have done 8 months ago and you completely ignore me..well, if you’re not a bitch then what the fuck are you…lazy, ckeck! Inconsiderate, double check! Horribly unorganized. Triple check. (Voice of Reason: Over-worked, maybe?) HEY HEY! This is a rant, no “reasoning” here…compassionate and understanding are emotions for Outside Heather with her sunny disposition, not blog Moku of hate!

Moving on, god, I get side tracked so easily…no wait…damn tea…be right back.

*sigh* pissing actually calmed me down.

Okies, here is the low down:

WAYY back when, about eight month ago, there was this temp girl working in HR. She was the one who collected the test. But a few weeks in to my purgatory sentence here at Samsung she up and disappeared over the weekend. Now, I also hate speaking ill of the “presumed” missing or dead but this chick was a bitch. No substitute; she was a plain old B*I*C*T*H! She’d give me these looks all the time when I was just sitting’ minding my own beeswax. I NEVER even tried to talk to her, I know when I get those looks…one of those “god, I have to put up with you” looks accompanied with that “I don’t like you” vibe. Heather steers clear of that messed up shit. Anyways, one Monday I came to work and everyone was like “WFT? Where is so-and-so” Like I gave a shit I joined in but never got an answer, that bitch just up and vanished…now presumed in my over-active imagination as dismembered in a box 50 feet under the ground. (INNER HEATHER: God! You’re morbid.)

I waiting quite a while after the Temp Girl went “missing” before I E-mail the HR bitch (Moku’s PR agent: She mean bitch as a substitute for woman and not as a derogatory term for someone who can’t mark a simple fucking test!) when I was fed up with playing the waiting game.

Apparently, my test was just sitting there in the temp girl’s old test all this time (I told you that cleaning lady is good for nothing!) The HR bitch gives me this story that she had no idea the test weren’t marked and she’ll get to them when she gets to them. Oh, okay, so I just sit on that “thanks for nothing” promise like a good girl. *goes back to playing with her thumbs*

Flash forward to a month ago, when I again was thinking “maybe she just forgot” (INNER HEATHER: ahh, so young and naive) Well, I now know it’s more like “I just don’t’ give a shit” (INNER HEATHER: oh, they grow up so fast *wipe tear*) I was really polite in my E-mail too! Seriously, it was all bull crap and “thank you for your time” shit – none of which I meant but isn’t there a saying about catching bees with honey…whatever, doesn’t matter since that bitch didn’t appreciate my butt-kissing “did you mark my fuckin’ test yet!” BS ‘cause I STILL don’t have that test in my possession.

I should have mentioned early that the money isn’t real money it’s Samsung money therefore I can only use it for Samsung product. Not at a store -- no that would make sense *rolls eyes – no, to use through our distrusting center. So, I need my test marked AND I need time to make an order though this center and have it shipped here. FUCK FUCK FUCK! I’m about ten seconds from saying FUCK IT! Damn this cheap nature of mine! I wish I had laser beams for eyes GOD I want that so bad…she walks by my desk all the time! I could give her a good ZAP!

God damn it! Where was I…right! She replied back that she was busy, blah blah and will get to when she gets to. PAAAALLLEEAASSEE! What does it take 20 years to mark a test! Just give me a passing grade and this shit would be over with! Ironically I over-heard her talking to another co-worker saying that busy or not, you have a job to do and people shouldn’t complain. OH! Really…good work, pass that enlighten advice on ‘cause you’re doing DICK all with it.

Flash forward one more time to Monday of this week, my last week. I had given my two weeks notice (CCed it to her bitch ass too, I might add) but I thought I’d REMIND her that I’m leaving in five days so could she please put a little priority on my test. And what happened next kiddies…ZIPPO! It’s Wednesday and that ‘tard hasn’t even given me the slightest bit of concern. She passes by me and I smile and she FAKE smiles back (god! If only I had laser eyes!) I have thought about pullin’ her over but really I could care less at this point…I don’t wanna hear another “I’ll get to it when I get it” crap. ‘cause then I’ll have two choices: play nice-nice and say something stupid like “great, I’ll just wait here like a good girl sitting on my fuckin’ hands like a douche!” or get laser eyes implanted and be honest -- “what FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!” *zap! Blood curdling scream* muhahaha (INNER HEATHER: God, you are morbid).

Moku out.

Posted by Moku-Sama at 11:44 AM EST
Wednesday, 25 January 2006
I have been neglecting my blog duty, bad Moku :P
Mood:  accident prone
Now Playing: with your life! muhahahahah
Topic: Work Rants
A fucking “sorry” would be nice

So, I’m whizzing in the bathroom – damn green tea goes through ya like *snaps fingers* that – everything is horror movie quite and no other human being is in the bathroom. I go to leave when *BANG* something hits the door of my stall like a fucking bomb! I was like “AHHH!HH! “OMG HOLY SHIT!” I actually said this out loud. I opened the door slowly (horror movie style) only to discover no one was there. The Banger had already smashed her (I can only assume—it is the girl’s washroom) way into the next stall FUCK! What is her fucking problem! She made absolutely NO noise coming in but crashes her way into a bathroom stall! Lady, take a chill pill and fucking RELAX! Who bangs a flipping’ door like that unless you really have to go anyways– which she didn’t ‘cause I didn’t hear any pissing or explosive diarrhea!

And you know what else, I didn’t get a “sorry for scaring the crap outta ya” or “oh, excuse me” Either! Nope! I get BOOM! Then earth shaking smash on the neighboring door that rocks all joining stalls without a word that a human being is even in the bathroom – so moku’s active imagination thinks were under attack from bladder-full aliens! Either way, Moku's ready to high-tail it outta there. No way I was sticking around to confront Ms. Psycho’s, fuck that! I value my life.

Moku out.

Posted by Moku-Sama at 9:28 AM EST
Wednesday, 4 January 2006
Moku has a :(
Now Playing: with ear wax...anyone got a Q-Tip?
Topic: Work Rants
Okies, I know I say I never get sick (which I don’t, thank you) but I seem at the moment to have a fever…yeah, at work.

On the drive over to Samsung Hell I noticed that zooming car were blurrier than normal but didn’t say a damn word because Jeanie would find some way to exploit my weakened condition. Of course after 20 minutes of silence she knew something was up – her hand reached for my head – Damn it! I was in the passenger seat no where to flee, so she planted her hand on my cheek.

Jeanie: “Oh! You’re hot”
Me: “ah, really? I feel fine.haha”
Jeanie: “You have a fever; you should go home at two!”

*raise eye brow* Two? Not now, or see if you feel better and then make the decision, nope! Two, this number just popped in her little head in 2 second flat…humm…a tad suspicious, ne? I think you mean: YOU wants to cut out early and am using MY failing mental capacity to justify YOUR leaving work early…Well, glad I could be your excuse, Jeanie, Always happy to help *rolls eyes* No, I told her I was fine and I’m here at work now making money while little dancing hallucinations prance around blurring my visage and stealing my concentration…damn hallucinations.

God, I can’t believe I can even type…nice to know I can still complete my job requirements while only being able to muster up the brain activity of a grape fruit. But I have the helpful tidbits from co-workers to get me through the day! Prize winning (stolen from every mother-be-Mary Poppins) telling me to “drink water”-- Great plan, I’ll just take my hallucinating ass over to water dispenser and hope I reach there before I pass out – and “go take some medicine” WOW! What a fucking concept…morons, besides medicate only makes you more fucked up. You have to get fucked up before you get better with pills and liquid nastiness; yeah, it doesn’t make sense but it’s flipping worth $8.99 if I had a bed and two days to sleep it off.

Oh, need more water, Yeah I’m taking their advise -- I never said I wasn’t an ungrateful hypocrite *shrug* Fuck I’m tired…oh god it’s only 10:24! If I wasn’t seriously fucking cloudy in the head I’d be able to figure out how long that is from when I get to escape this hell-hole…*actually trying* nope, all I get is “it’s a long time” *sip water* See, I’m coherent…I’m capable just not capable of operating heavy machinery. *re-read sentence* well, that made sense to me…so I doubt it made any sense to you. I have to go pee now (damn all that water).

Moku out.

Posted by Moku-Sama at 10:38 AM EST
Tuesday, 20 December 2005
That religious guy 2: The nut bar strikes back
Mood:  blue
Topic: Work Rants
Moku is the spawn of satan :(

Here I was minding my own business in my wide open cubical space when up comes That Religious Guy. We were having a nice conversation about the weather when he’s Fundamentalist Christian sense was a twitching. Yeah, something evil is a foot! He then points to my desktop picture which is a picture of me I drew for Christmas. *sigh* If only I had some good Christian values I would have seen this coming. All I caught was his smile fade to a frown and I knew a lecture was coming.

That Religious Guy, all red in the face from suppressed Christian rage, says to me “that’s not right!” I was like, Wah?? What’s not right.... Then I noticed what he was pointing at…OH! Crap my bad! I did that bad thing everyone does to shorten Christmas…I...oh it’s so horrible I can’t say it! I wrote Merry X-Mas! *dies from the shock of causing so much pain to mankind with her ignorance*

I suppose I should feel bad for putting a big red and green X in front of Jesus’ name but I doubt the “FOGIVING” lord would lecture me for five minutes about it – I assume he’d be reasonable and realize that Christ has six letters and X is only one: now guess what fits better on a page. But according to the eyes of That religious Guy I’m going straight to hell… You living in a plastic bubble you fundamentalist freak? Everybody does it! Unless the rules of heaven are as COO-COO as you, I seariously doubt I’m going to hell for wanted to shorten Christmas…then again, didn’t you already condemned me to hell for celebrating Halloween?

Anyways, the great diplomat that I am (Despite my already going to hell status) I went out of my way to change the picture on MY OWN PERSONAL work computer to ensure his royal holiness doesn’t suffering from an aneurism. So with X-mas changed to Christmas I called him over. And guess what I got for all my effort to make nice-nice? Just guess! Moku got ANOTHER flipping lecture! Like What the fuck man!

Apparently, without “him”-- he actually pointed to the “Christ” part of Christmas on my new improved picture – there’s no Christmas. Ah, riiight, explain that to the countless atheist “heathens” buying presents right now, and while you’re at it tell the evil corporate “department stores” that if their consumers aren’t Christian, then hands off the Santa wrapping paper.

Well, I continued to blink and stare and recite “I don’t care” in my head while he yapped on about how you can’t go to heaven without “him” (still pointing to “Christ” in Christmas) -- umm...correct me if I’m wrong but “HE” has a name, isn’t that why you’re lecturing me? -- After a few dozen “uh un”s he finally THANK GOD! went on his merry little way and heathen moku went back to work.

Moku out.

Posted by Moku-Sama at 11:47 AM EST

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