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Moku's Rants
Saturday, 17 June 2006
Mich's moving to Windsor?
Topic: My life (outside of work)
*phew* hold on, I need a minute here to collect myself and apparently it takes me two minutes to do that, then another 5 to remember how to spell apparently - thank God for spell check or you'd all have to figure out what appartently means. Wow, I lost my train of thought...I'm sure I didn't have a point anyways SOOO moving on! What's new in Z-Town. ZIP all, my friends. This place just ain't blog worthy without AssKisser Sr. (who I hated with a PASSION! Annoying little monkey boy he was) I think I said last post I'd use daily life stuff...but I'm pretty tolerant of things I only have to deal for short amounts of time, so that's out. Humm...

Did I rant about Mich's moving to Windsor? No I didn't, did I. Well! Let me tell you, that girl just up and moves on me. One day she's vacating in Windsor the next I get an E-mail at work saying "oh, BTW I'm moving 4 hours away" Like WTF? Of course I got over that quick with a "SAY WHAT!" *Flash forward* everything was confirmed when (in true mich fashion)
she came home, gave herself a day to pack all her hit and clean the basement. HAHA I laughed at that too until I saw what Miss.Up and Leave Me considers "clean". Took me four f**kin' hours to gut that basement out after she left! OH! The mess! The trash! The humanity!

So Mich, AKA Miaka-chan, Mitch-da-bitch, has high-tailed it outta Curry Town and nested in a town that surprisingly looks a shitload like Oakville. Between Mario and Rob, My Fag Hag sister's bestest buds, I believe she'll be able to sustain her current level of comfort (minus the diseased infected rat hole we once called our basement--FOUR HOURS I swear! and she had the nerve to say it was clean PTFF!). Of course, if she ever gets homesick for clutter and dirt she can always cross the borders into that lovely ghetto known as Detroit.

OH GOD! don't get me started on Detroit! Every seen those T-shirt that read "Dear God, If you can't make me thin, please make my friends fat" NO NEED! stop that praying now sister, just move your chucky butt to Detroit. If you don't see them right away, don't fret, their properly in the house exercising the remote. But If you wanna see them in action, well honey, get your self to an All-you-can-eat Buffet. Now, i'm telling you all the truth, Moku no lie, I was surprised these people could leave their house without the fire department comin' in and breaking down a few walls, I shit you not! I didn't know people that big could move, let alone walk to a buffet table! -- repeatively, I might add, so many
times I lost count..two plates at a time! These people were Buffet Masters! I wanted to called them all my Buffet Gurus and proclaim their eatery
superiority. I almost did when Lori told me about the guy, who just couldn't wait for a flat surface, rippin' into that fried chicken three steps from their table. That's the SHIT rigth there. Teach me your ways, Oh Sensei Fat Man!

Before I get too into my fat bashing, (I mean before I forget) I should mention the lady standing right in front of the Pineapple bowl. This chick was just staring at the bowl full of yummy yellow goodness. Being the Canadian I am I waited...for TWO minutes! and when your hungry that is a LONG ass time. She didn't move towards the food, nope, she just
stood there. So, I had enough of that shit and by passed her. I noticing there wasn't any tongs for the pineapple; so, I reached for the honeydew tongs about two centermetres away (in plain sight!) and put the
pineapple on my plate. And I just could not believe this chick's reaction! She had the face that just screamed "OHHHHHHH!!! Good Idea!" Then turns to me and says "there wasn't any tongs for the pineapple" If the situations wasn't so damn stupid I might have given myself a mental pat-on-the-back but HELLO! You need tongs for pineapple but there are none; What do you do? Your solution: Stare at the bowl until it grows legs and walks over to you! Jesus! I didn't believe the IQ went down as the Temperature went up but DAMMNNNN!! Americans are stupid! Okies, I'm
generalizing, which I do quite often on this blog...I hope you're not waiting for a "but" there isn't one. I admit I'm a biget, MOVING ON! Shit that's ranty mood is over. and I have to get ready for 3
meetings (in a F**kin row!). LATER MY FANS! *kiss kiss*

Moku out.

Posted by Moku-Sama at 8:39 AM EDT

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