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Moku's Rants
Thursday, 20 April 2006
My E-mail to Abby from my work computer.
Topic: Work Rants
I ran tonight so I'll have A LOT to rant about tomorrow but while you wait here is a funny (more stupid) E-mail I sent Abby the Life line today.

Hey Abby

Man, what a flippin' day! I'm so outta it man, I'm not sick or anything it's just that I can't think right -- everything is like blahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I can get my work done but at about 1/2 the time and
I keep makin' stupid mistakes. Whatever, jobs gets done I go home *shrug* all is right with the world..or whatever. Damn it I"m not making
sense here...I don't even think I had a point to E-mailing you. I just thought "hey, why not e-mail abby!" then I was like "where am I! what day is it!" then I realized I was at work and it was 3:00 and I needed to E-mail you. SO here I am, E-mailin' you and thinkin' I really shouldn't have since I"m not making much sense here...or any, actually.

I'm too scared to re-read this ('cause I'll just think I'm retarded and delete the whole thing and get too lazy to re-write it)

I'm so sleepy, and I have to run, why do I do this to myself. Sign up for things I eventually hate or feel too lazy to do.

Anyyywayyy, If I was at home, on my personal E-mail, I'd tell you about this dude I have to put up with here. I call him Ass Kisser Sr. (not 'cause he is a
bigger asskisser than *looks right Looks left* you know *wink wink* but becuase he's about twice his age.) And with all his years on Asskisser
Jr. he isn't any better at it - actually he really sucks at it. 'cause everyone here thinks he is a retard and we all know how well Samsungs
Asskisser is at doing dick and getting the high five from the big heads. *sigh* the world is unfair, blah blah, and all that jazz I suppose. I'm not re-opening that can a worms -- I escaped the ninth gate of BS hell no reason for me to get emotional. damn it am I not making sense again..I saw this lint ball in the air and my mind wondered...oh pretty ball of fluffy filth, how pretty you are in all your evil dustiness.
I'm so poetic, eh. ha-ha.

I'm done I'm going to go now...I"m too f'ed to write.


Heather Carriere
Distributor -- Ladies Wear
Dept. 103/166/466
Brampton Head Office
(905) 792-XXXX

Posted by Moku-Sama at 8:16 PM EDT

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