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Moku's Rants
Monday, 10 April 2006
New Job Part 2: Asskisser Version 3.1
Now Playing: with my brain matter.
Topic: Work Rants
Okies, I gypped you guys on a blog entry - I'll admit part one was pretty short - but surprising enough, (despite the 70s upholstered cubical) this place just isn't as rant-worthy as the ninth gate of BS hell...too bad, so sad. But rants are not the only think moku is good for. As well as the superb abilities to speak in third person, she is also known for her keen observation - I.E. making fun of everyone. Now on to the post!

I did mention the AssKisser Sr. in the last blog, right? Well, if I didn't I'll start now: AssKisser Sr. is a guy who was hired after I was -- Think back to High school and that nerd who counldn't say Chick without giggling. Anyways, beside the retarded giggling - which is REALLY getting on my nerves -- He's also an expert in babbling and wasting my time with his little tidbit that make no's even beyond smile and nod,people. It's like this; the dude just enters my cubical, sighs and says "can you believe this!" then walks away. Now I don't remember telling or giving the impression I was physic, so I'm going with this fucker got some issues *heather draws out the word iiissseeeueees* or just likes to confuse poor old heather. Now, I can deal with out burst of laughter after awkward odd comments regarding "hot chicks" but make some sense man! I'm running outta ways to humors your retarderness. And there is NO way I'm getting down to your level to understand it either. Fuck that I have enough of Samsung's BS floating around my head to jam any more worthless none-sense.

*blink blink* wow, I'm really mean, aren't I. I'm a bitch, well a closet bitch -- since I'm nice as pie to everyone's face --...OH MY GOD I'm two faced! Why didn't you people tell me! I'm a two faced bitch *cries* I'm that nice person who hold everyone is distain and one day will snap and climb a tower with an AK 47...hmp...not a bad end for me actually... great story to tell the other f'er in heaven. Hell of a lot better then "died in my sleep" or "eat some bad chinese" right...I'm being weird again, aren't I...*snap fingers* man, I need to sleep
more...stupid book.

Posted by Moku-Sama at 6:23 PM EDT

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