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Moku's Rants
Sunday, 2 April 2006
MY new life (part one)
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Topic: Work Rants
I've neglected this blog for a while and I know you're all just dieing to hear how my life has improved since my liberation from Samsung, the
nation of boredom. Don't expect this to be long -- if it is then I really deserve a pat on the back, seeing as this is my lunch hour I'm wasting it writing this -- and if it isn't cry me a fuckin' river. Sue me, I wanna eat. Anyway, before I get to negitive from lack of proper nutient (do you have any idea how many times I've attempt to spell that correctly..yeah I gave

I'll move on...I think I had a topic selected... *re-reads* oh, right my new life here at HBC.

Some things havn't changed -- even thou I swore I'd dress better and display a model employee attidute (apparently I just can't kiss ass *shrug*). As well, I still stare at a computer all day but this time it's a crappy CRT from the days of Kmart. Yeah, this building used to be the head office of Kmart..remember them? and not much has been done to
update...but on the bright side I'm really starting to like the colours orange and brown. I have a cubical (it's smaller thou, and made outta's smells funny too). Oh, but a big plus is if I ever get bored I can wack the side of the wall and watch twenty years of dust clouds fill the air.

I have a neighbour. Her cubical is a "prefume free zone" she has a printed out warning sign and everything...I'm seriously worried about her.

God, what else...I have to back-track three weeks..I've been too busy to even form a thought that might erupt into a rant. Well, At least I posted...I will post more later.

Posted by Moku-Sama at 10:05 AM EST
Updated: Sunday, 2 April 2006 10:06 AM EST

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