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Moku's Rants
Wednesday, 1 March 2006
Mark it BITCH!
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: two my thumbs...fucking 'tard HR btich...grrrr.
Topic: Work Rants

Well let’s see how long my balder holds up *under breath* fuckin’ tea.

Okies, so everyone knows I’m leaving the 9th gate (well technically the 10th gate..damn temporary displacement!) of corporate Bull shit Hell in three days, right..good we’re all on the same page. Now on to the rant:

*breathe* Okay, I have been very tolerant with Human Resource, dare I say extremely overly patient. So, I’m justified in bein’ pissed, nes pas? *finds an open window and pops her head out* I WANT MY fuckin’ SAMSUNG TEST BACK! *pops back in* I don’t feel better…grrrr.

Do you remember that test I had to do on Samsung history..humm..I dunno about EIGHT months ago, yeah, that one. It’s STILL not marked and I’m leaving in three days. I’m sure you’ll all thinking “but heather why do you care so much?” well, kiddies, there is this thing call MONEY. I like it and if I get an 80% on the test I get a hundred bucks worth of it. So, I’m a little annoyed when HR bitches don’t reply to me E-mail inquires.

I hate calling other women bitches but when I continue to harass you about something you’re supposed to have done 8 months ago and you completely ignore me..well, if you’re not a bitch then what the fuck are you…lazy, ckeck! Inconsiderate, double check! Horribly unorganized. Triple check. (Voice of Reason: Over-worked, maybe?) HEY HEY! This is a rant, no “reasoning” here…compassionate and understanding are emotions for Outside Heather with her sunny disposition, not blog Moku of hate!

Moving on, god, I get side tracked so easily…no wait…damn tea…be right back.

*sigh* pissing actually calmed me down.

Okies, here is the low down:

WAYY back when, about eight month ago, there was this temp girl working in HR. She was the one who collected the test. But a few weeks in to my purgatory sentence here at Samsung she up and disappeared over the weekend. Now, I also hate speaking ill of the “presumed” missing or dead but this chick was a bitch. No substitute; she was a plain old B*I*C*T*H! She’d give me these looks all the time when I was just sitting’ minding my own beeswax. I NEVER even tried to talk to her, I know when I get those looks…one of those “god, I have to put up with you” looks accompanied with that “I don’t like you” vibe. Heather steers clear of that messed up shit. Anyways, one Monday I came to work and everyone was like “WFT? Where is so-and-so” Like I gave a shit I joined in but never got an answer, that bitch just up and vanished…now presumed in my over-active imagination as dismembered in a box 50 feet under the ground. (INNER HEATHER: God! You’re morbid.)

I waiting quite a while after the Temp Girl went “missing” before I E-mail the HR bitch (Moku’s PR agent: She mean bitch as a substitute for woman and not as a derogatory term for someone who can’t mark a simple fucking test!) when I was fed up with playing the waiting game.

Apparently, my test was just sitting there in the temp girl’s old test all this time (I told you that cleaning lady is good for nothing!) The HR bitch gives me this story that she had no idea the test weren’t marked and she’ll get to them when she gets to them. Oh, okay, so I just sit on that “thanks for nothing” promise like a good girl. *goes back to playing with her thumbs*

Flash forward to a month ago, when I again was thinking “maybe she just forgot” (INNER HEATHER: ahh, so young and naive) Well, I now know it’s more like “I just don’t’ give a shit” (INNER HEATHER: oh, they grow up so fast *wipe tear*) I was really polite in my E-mail too! Seriously, it was all bull crap and “thank you for your time” shit – none of which I meant but isn’t there a saying about catching bees with honey…whatever, doesn’t matter since that bitch didn’t appreciate my butt-kissing “did you mark my fuckin’ test yet!” BS ‘cause I STILL don’t have that test in my possession.

I should have mentioned early that the money isn’t real money it’s Samsung money therefore I can only use it for Samsung product. Not at a store -- no that would make sense *rolls eyes – no, to use through our distrusting center. So, I need my test marked AND I need time to make an order though this center and have it shipped here. FUCK FUCK FUCK! I’m about ten seconds from saying FUCK IT! Damn this cheap nature of mine! I wish I had laser beams for eyes GOD I want that so bad…she walks by my desk all the time! I could give her a good ZAP!

God damn it! Where was I…right! She replied back that she was busy, blah blah and will get to when she gets to. PAAAALLLEEAASSEE! What does it take 20 years to mark a test! Just give me a passing grade and this shit would be over with! Ironically I over-heard her talking to another co-worker saying that busy or not, you have a job to do and people shouldn’t complain. OH! Really…good work, pass that enlighten advice on ‘cause you’re doing DICK all with it.

Flash forward one more time to Monday of this week, my last week. I had given my two weeks notice (CCed it to her bitch ass too, I might add) but I thought I’d REMIND her that I’m leaving in five days so could she please put a little priority on my test. And what happened next kiddies…ZIPPO! It’s Wednesday and that ‘tard hasn’t even given me the slightest bit of concern. She passes by me and I smile and she FAKE smiles back (god! If only I had laser eyes!) I have thought about pullin’ her over but really I could care less at this point…I don’t wanna hear another “I’ll get to it when I get it” crap. ‘cause then I’ll have two choices: play nice-nice and say something stupid like “great, I’ll just wait here like a good girl sitting on my fuckin’ hands like a douche!” or get laser eyes implanted and be honest -- “what FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!” *zap! Blood curdling scream* muhahaha (INNER HEATHER: God, you are morbid).

Moku out.

Posted by Moku-Sama at 11:44 AM EST

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