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Confidential Confessions

By Reiko Momochi

Ever thought about suicide? Having problems at home? Feel like life is one big corrupted pile of shit? Then PLEASE!! I BEG YOU don't read Vol. 1 of "Confidential Confessions" You'll probably slit your wrist half way thou it. The manga is an in-depth intrusive look at society's most complex issues. The first volume revolves around that happy little topic of "suicide" I wasn't too sure if the book wanted me to kill myself or not. Reiko Momochi seemed to glorify suicide before chasing that little fantasy away with a healthy dose of reality--which would have been about 40 pages too late if I was contemplating actually taking my own life! This manga is said to be a bit controversial *hn* supposedly. I've read the first 3 and I found them depressing not controversial; yet, I must admit, strangely interesting. The judge is still out on this one, I don't hate it. Pick it up if you think you can handle the "hard" issues, or need that extra push--you know what I mean.


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