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Hey Fernie


I know it's been awhile (tsst tsst to you for not coming that Friday..haha joking, I know you had a good reason).


you know, I still have not started X-mas shopping and it's the 13th!! OMG! I'm fucked! that malls are nuts! I'm scared so scared!! What will I do....WAHH I miss my credit card I could buy everything online and fuck the malls and all this crazy busy bullshit! But alas I keep putting off going to royal bank to get one...damn it! Damn my laziness!!


Well, I need to buy at least one gift so when people talk about X-mas shopping I don't have to hide in a corner circling my thumbs so no one notices me and asks if I'm done...*sigh*


I'll start soon...damn that Secret Santa things is on Friday too CRAP CRAP CRAP! I have to get some big 10th floor dude a present...AUGHH!! I don’t know how the other half lives I'm poor I know what poor people want, money! People with money...that's too hard! WAHH!!! What am I going to do!! I thought of booze but that seems mean like I'm saying he has a drinking problem or that the office gossip is that he on the sauce...damn it!!


Can you tell I'm stressed! AUGHHHH!!!!! I have no time!! Well I have Mondays now 'cause I dropped ballet (HURRAY!!!) but Monday is over now...FUCK! I suppose today is a good day...I have to take the bus anyways...god damn evil mall with 100 million people...grrrr...and it's so COLD!!!


wow, I've been babbling on for a while now...this needs to be in a blog it's too funny...hahaha...more random swearing before I say goodbye FUCK-a-die FUCK FUCK!!


Moku out 

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