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My Co-Workers

Here are the Major players at Samsung.

NEW Wheezy

Now, I’ve never actually seen this lady but I've heard enough to be able to name her, Wheezy. She has this laugh, like she’s hyperventilating (Seriously) the first time I heard her I shot up from my chair in “Heather to the rescue” mood. It’s only inbewteen gasps do you realize she’s actually laughing and not suffering from a crushed wind pipe.




Ah, Joe…poor Joe don’t know sarcasm. You can be bluntly obvious you’re joking and this fool just doesn’t get it. …awww...Bo don’t know baseball.

That Religious Guy

When I posted the blog on my Co-workers I forgot this guy--really he was just a no-name on my radar but seeing as he decided to enter my USH zone and converse with me today he’s now included and dubbed “That’s Religious Guy” 

Why you ask read here

The Life Line:

Ahh, Abby-chan, my life line! (The only thing about this job I can stand) She a Customer Care agent who wastes most of her day thinking up new ways to get fired. But as we all know you can’t get fired here! Oh no! Its frickin’ ridiculous!

I usually try to assist her by calling her on her ext. in a whispering voice --why do we whisper when everyone (mostly the call centre reps) shout in octaves I didn’t know the human vocal cord could achieve so it’s not like we can be over-heard...dunno…we’re both VERY retarded.

(For "Operation Get Fired" see One day at Samsumg...)

Petro Canada

What can I say about him, he’s my boss? He’s a pretty cool guy… Does that make him a good boss, nope! He’s too integrated into this corporate bullshit now.

The Ass Kisser:

Ah, the ass kisser. He does the same job as I do but does it with a smile (and not a forced one either). He has his nose so far up Petro Canada’s rectal area it boggles my mind Petro can still walk…hum...but it does explain that goofy smile he (pedro) always has on. Heehee, I joke I joke…I’m so horrible. But seriously, he’s not THAT bad compared to the others *glares at co-workers* 

El-Queen Annoying 

She’s a call centre representative I like to call her, El-Queen Annoying! Even my Samsung loving fellow ARS analysis, Ass Kisser, Agrees with me. He actually said “sort of weird”…but I know he meant annoying, but he can’t say anything blatantly negative against Samsung, *cough* ass kisser! *cough*

God if I have to hear “my nephew” one more time!!! I’m going to snap! I suppose, if that was her only vise I’d have gotten over it by now. Fine! Sure! Whatever! Talk about some kid no one know (or care about) but she repetitively changes the subject back to the kid when we try to change topics. It’s like “blah blah, my nephew” then I take intuitive to change the subject “Oh! What is everyone doing for Halloween?” Anna is the first to response, not answering my question, but with another irrelevant late of her nephew as if she never heard me. AUGHH!!! I can’t take it anymore!!!

And if the nephew tales aren’t enough she’ll pipe up with some story about her family making us all VERY uncomfortable. Like “oh, my brother’s wife is a bitch, she’s doesn’t do anything...blah blah” WHAT THE HELL! What am I suppose to say to that! Umm.. “Never met the lady you’re bad mouth, sorry, ah…maybe you shouldn’t bring up such issue with co-workers you’ve only known for a WEEK!”

I could go on and on about this mental case but I’ll spare you.

Ms. Samsung self-righteous:

God, love her; I mean REALY God loves this chick. You know those sweet bible thumpers you just can’t hate (or even fine annoying’) or you’ll go to hell for your spitefulness directed towards a pure servant of the almighty—that’s her in a nut shell.

Drinking, homosexuality, independent thought outside Christianity ALL IS VAIN!! Of course she doesn’t push her beliefs on you, oh no, she just “reminds” you of the superior teachings of the good book. I’ve gotten better at the smile & nod reply that rewards me with a returned “Agree and you’ll go to heaven now” smile.

After listening to Ms. Samsung self-righteous I’m pretty sure I’m not going to heaven. Dang, man, I really wanted to go too. :(

Man, who the hell is left…oh right, right the minor player in The life of Samsung:

Mr. Loud Mouth

Let’s just skip over him and say LOUD!!!

Edit: And what’s with the pants…jeans aren’t supposed to have elastic unless you’re pregnant.

90 cents a day guy:

Oh, this is easy “DUDE! EAT SOMETHING!!”

Mr. My personal Tech-Support

That's Yves, Yves is cool. *high five*

Cleaning Lady 

I’m not sure if she has 20 pairs of old school neon striped pants or just one pair she con'ts to waer but that’s ALL I see this chick wear. Black sweat pants with a bright pink strip going down the leg -- me thinks she shops at the same place as John-guy, The “where the fuck you get those pants” emporium”

I think I’m still a bit ticked about the Funny Story (for the girls) thing (Check here to refresh memory) I totally blame her ‘cause she’s the only maintenance person I see in the washroom.


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