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More FAQ funniness

Moku's Rants
Bitch at me

Samsung employees can’t spell

I thought Spell check would solve all of life’s problems with spelling…apparently not. Examples:

"Clear paper jamb" (ME: apparently the “B” is silent)

"some meus are in german istead of english"
(ME: I'm not sure if they WERE in English they'd be much help to you since you obviously can't write in English) 

Huh? What do you want category

How do I clean the paper?
(ME: Let, me get this straight…you wanna clean the paper? WTF? )

"where is"
(ME: where is what…you’re sense of direction?)

Think they’re talkin’ to a real person

I get TONs of FAQs with no answer ;cause mo fos think they’re talking to a real person, usually starting with hello, and ending with Sincerely, thank you, or goodbye. Example:

"hi i just bought a TXP2664WX and i was woundering how i use the 480i , 480p , 1080i for my t.v i am not to sure i am kinda new with this cause i would like to use my progressive scan with my dvd player and videogames but i am not sure if i am useing it or not? please help i just bought it 2 days ago :) thx so much"
(ME: Awww... simley face!! So cute (not going to help you get an answer but cute) This person actually wrote this same question three time by the third time she/he took out the smiley face and thx so much, lol.)
Full Caps

Samsung Customers believe (for some reason) like to yell at us. Example:

(ME: You yell everything else by oh no, for some reason “system” doesn’t need to be capped) 

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