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bored at work

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Friday boredom can cause serious retardness.  


Lawyer: loved by all?


Mr. Goodwill: Hush, you’re breaking my concentrating


*Lawyer turns back to write*


Mr. Goodwill: Where was I, read it back to me.


Lawyer: “pillar to the community, described as loving, caring and kind. He will be missed, remembered and forever loved by all.”


Mr. Goodwill: Perfect! Don’t you agree?


Lawyer: You want to be remembered for being a good person dispite the fact that you’re not, how is that rational?


Mr. Goodwill: Rational? If everyone was rational, Donald, then we’d have no such word. I am giving purpose to the word. Without irrational behavior we wouldn’t have use for a word to describe non-rational behavior it would all be categorized as “behavior”, no?


Lawyer: You’re deflecting the question, Rob.


Mr. Goodwill: On the contrary I am educating you.


*Lawyer gives Mr. Goodwill a skeptical look*


Mr. Goodwill: *sigh* pish-posh, you’re far too closed minded. You can ignore the fact all you want but I did indeed answer your question--it just wasn’t what you were expecting.


Lawyer: Fine, is the almighty literary advocate ready to get back to work, now?


Mr. Goodwill: Really, sarcasm, Donald. Next you’ll be using profanity.


Lawyer: *groan* Can we just get back to work here?


Mr. Goodwill: I wasn’t the one interrupting the process with unnecessary questions.


*Lawyer tries to rebut but Mr. Goodwill holds up hand*


Mr. Goodwill: But, let’s get back on track…shall we? Back to The Will, I can get a professional opinion on the tombstone later.


Mr. Goodwill: *dictating* “and I give full” *Mr. Goodwill tilts his’s head to look address Lawyer*—write full in caps--*back to dictation* "Custody"


Lawyer: *irrupts* Custody? You don’t have kids.


Mr. Goodwill: Oh, don’t worry; I can get some rather cheaply in some backwards country.


Lawyer: You can’t just buy kids, Rob!


Mr. Goodwill: I’m a philanthropist now, Donald, I have to follow protocol: *Mr. Goodwill counts on fingers* give money to charity, adopted needy children…there’s a third but I cannot recall…hmm


*Mr. Goodwill looks like he is in deep thought*


Lawyer: You can’t adopt children Robert Goodwill, You hate kids!


Mr. Goodwill: *snaps out of thinking zone* Hate? I don’t hate kids. The church teaches that “hate is the devils influence on out hearts”


Lawyer: Church? Weren’t you the one who told me that organized religion was a succubus of the modern businessman?


Mr. Goodwill: Yes, but that was before I was enlighten by the chruch.


Lawyer: Rob, What do you know about church *eyes Mr. Goodwill*


Mr. Goodwill:  Tons! I have that Russian maid, Nana, tape record it over at St. Michael’s.


Lawyer: You’re evil, you know that.


Mr. Goodwill: Ironic words coming from a lawyer.


I ended it too dumb to con't

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