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I'm the ARS Analyst at Samsung, so have to put up with quite a bit of crap (mainly stupid people who don't realize they're talking to a computer program and not an actual person.
Anyways, here are some of the stupid FAQs I get on a daily basis:

Samsung FAQ: Vibrator (this was in the mobile Phone section)
My Answer: After 300 unanswered calls…I would have to advise you not to use your phone for such activity.
Samsung FAQs: TV Guide (NOTE: this was in the DVD section *smacks stupid customer*)
My Answer: Are you asking for one…I don’t have one…You can buy a TV Guide at your local convenience store. *smile* Now go away.
Samsung FAQ: I can't turn on my cell phone...where is the on button...i can't read
Answer: *dies of laughter* haha you can't read!
Samsung FAQ: Go to Hell!
My Answer: Too late I'm already in hell.
Samsung FAQ: London Ontario
My answer: That’s nice, but I don’t CARE WHERE YOU’RE FROM! It’s an automotive responses system LOSER!

Samsung FAQ: mon mp3 veu plus rien faire et l'image est figer quoi faire
My Answer: AHH!!! French! *runs from room screaming, finds a England flag and starts hittin' Frenchmen" No french, No french, ENGLISH site!! Bad! BAD! frenchmen!
Samsung FAQ: Ghosts on Screen
Answer: *Intro theme* Who're you gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS!! (NOTE: my other option was "White Noise" but I havn't seen it)
Samusung FAQ: yh-925gs software won't see player to add files
ANswer: *scratch head* huh? that english? wah.huh.You're player doesn'y have eyes...?
FUNNY SAMSUNG FAQ: I want the small mircowave I saw at a motel.
ANSWER: umm..okay, *holds back laugther* which model was that, sir?
Samsung FAQ: Shit Phone (Mobile)
Answer: Despite your directness, Samsung can not help you for we do not make phones out of shit, sir.


More to come...

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