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Moku's 15 Cosplay Tips

  1. Pick a character and stick with it! Don’t let people change your mind or you’ll regret your choice. And PLEASE don’t attempt to do the Happa-tai dancers! It’s so easy Happy Go LUCKY!! LoL. That’s going to be in my head all day now.

  2. Don’t pick something impossible your first time. I can help you but I’m not perfect at this either. So be realistic. If you’re really set on a character I will try my best to help you.

  3. If you’re impatience by nature learn to use a sewing machine. I hand sew ‘cause I like the control.  Either way is fine, thou. But for the arms, hand sewing is better for beginners.

  4. Try to get your fabric at Walmart! They have the cheapest fabric around. There’s this discount bin ($1.99 a metre) in the fabric section.  Try this place first for any fabric needs or any crafty accessories.

  5. Sticky velt (sp?) is God! It can be used for anything! I used it for my Sakura Cosplay to make the white circles, and my cousin used it for her Sasuke shirt (The pokemon ball looking symbol).  All turning out amazing! And it beats sewing the shit on! You can wash it too and the stuff doesn’t come off! It’s less than a dollar a sheet at the craft store or Walmart…God I love Walmart!

  6. Give yourself time! Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the night before, like I did...haha my Haku needles were still wet (silver spray paint takes two days to dry apparently) when I went to CNAnime.  I had silver marks on my hands all day one noticed, thank kami-sama.

  7. Try to make conformable foot wear work with your cosplay. Trust me; you’ll be walking A LOT! And your feet will thank you if you wear proper shoes.  Some suggestions are: Boot covers can be made to slip over shoes, or try to find real shoes that look similar enough and alter them.

  8. Sew pockets into your cosplay costume if you don’t want to carry around your camera, wallet, make-up etc. in your hand.  In my opinion purses are SO annoying to carry around! People will be taking your picture and you’ll have to keep takin’ in off every five minutes.

  9. If you wear glasses, get contacts for the big day.  Glasses can really mess up a good cosplay.  I’m really afraid of the little clear things and I’m getting them…I’ve learn from my mistakes the last too cons.

  10. Have fun making it! You will TRUST me! With all the crap that will happen you’ll go mad! But you’ll love it when it’s done! When you put it on you’ll see all your HARD ass work come together! It’s SO worth it!

  11. Wearing it is so so much fun! You get your picture taken every five second! People will run up to you for no good reason and hug you! It’s wild! So you need to learn to pose! Try to think up a few ones before the Convention. Think how your character would pose.

  12. KNOW your character! You are them when you put that costume on; so, you should know how to pronoun their name, at least. SIDE NOTE: Try to stay in character. It’s not that important but it’s a part of the experience.

  13. Make sure you can get in and out of your costume…you don’t want to be in the bathroom and find you cannot zip yourself down/up. Also, you will be wearing this for more than one day so make sure you can recreate the look the next day.  You don’t want to look amazing only on the first day and not able to look that way tomorrow.

  14. Props are the best! Especially for picture but remember you have to carry them around. Weight is a BIG issue so make is light as possible.

  15. Lastly, if you’re staying at a hotel remember to bring a touch-up kit.  A touch-up kit should include: Glue gun, sewing needle, thread, scissors, tape, extra fabric, etc…what ever you might need in case of ripping, something falling off, breaking etc…

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