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Con Report: Anime North 2005

Moku's Rants
Bitch at me



Bad stuff that happened at AN05

1. Bad moment..#1 (I'm going in order of it happenin) retrospect this is funny, I suppose. Before even stepping foot in the Con Lori (Cuz) and I decided we were hungry and we went to jolly-old-coffee-heaven, timmies. The place was packed so we got our stuff and parked it on the curbside. My costume had long flowy sleaves and I wasn't noticing my arms--I tend to move them a lot when I speak-- I knocked over the can of coke! I didnt even notice till I went to drink a sip..I was like "OMG!" I had to run into the Timmy's Bathroom and wash my cosplay in the sink. There was this lady in there--non-ANime Norther--and she looked at my like I was a freak..I suppose in my post-spill crazy I did look alittle nutty. THank Kami-sama, I got most of it out (Half my cosplay was white) If you looked close enough you would have seen the trying to walk with wet fabric..especially fabric that was heavy before ahh! :P After that I only drank water, lol.
2. My cuz (Lori) and I wanted to switch wigs Saturday night so we headed for the washroom. After we got in and swtiched the wigs I thought we should take a photo. My Cuz told me to stand over by the wall so that nothing "washroom" related would be the picture...but before she could snop the shot a female security guard walked in and informed us we were in the men bathroom!


I can't believe we made the mistake..they really looked the same in the Double Tree (Up stairs..where the masq. was).
3. In our hotel room, I think this was Saturday afternoon, we asked lori's parents to bring us some stuff from home (water and runnin' shoes).  Well we didn't think of cleaning the room--this was VERY stupid of us! After they arrived Lori noticed *wink wink* (sorries in case anyone we know who knows her parents reads this I have to stick with the *wink wink* E-mail me if you REALLY wanna know what I'm talkin about) on the chair in our room! She sat down so fast on that chair even I looked at her funny. Then she mounth "cat jumped over the fense" which is our little code word for it (even thou we're 21 and 22 we have to resort to code words...we're not even allowed to drink! but we do anyways..but we use a code word for that too) I was like "SHIT!!" My aunt was just sitting on the chair! What if she noticed!" Thankful we pushed the two of them out and throw throw out the evidence *phew* It was rather funny (to us anyways).

I was Lady Aska from Magic Knight Rayearth (Adult version).
I loved the fact that I just had to yell "But I'm a Princess!" and my anime club (Sheridan Otakus) would jump in and do what even I asked. *heehee*
I'm so evil..I have those boys whippped. :P (I'm joking boys...really..*giggle*)
It was nice (for once) to walk around in a beautiful costume. It was so flow-ie..I loved to spin around.
I'm used to doing ninja BIG change there. I didn't know what to I just stared at the camera and looked bitchy.
That cosplay took HOURS! and so much money! My wallet was crying! I actually have a nervous break down after I fucked up the sleaves for the third time--it is three different colour *groan*.
I didn't even finishing the hem 'til the day of the con, looked rushed (I.E. Crappy) and MAN! It got so dirty on the bottom (too long).
The flow-ie sleaves--made me spill coke on my pretty!
and many more to come (when I think of more)

Things I bought
Hiei plushie *huggies* I love it SO much!! KAWAII!!!
2 book marks: inu yasha and naruto *sexy thoughts* mmmmm.....
A few Pins: Gaara, Naruto, Son-Goku (from saiyuki)
NOTE: the lady gave me the wrong pin I already had this a Son-Goku pin (the Same one) boo...I wish I'd noticed sooner. :(
Manga: I.N.V.U Vol. 2-3
The Masq.

The masquerade sucked balls…DZ balls! Enough said…FINE I’ll explain…


This year AN decided to input wristbands. Lori and I picked ours up on Friday. I liked the wristband idea; it was a relief to know I would have a seat no matter how late I was, which was a blessing as Lori and I were indeed late. But that’s where the HAPPY ends!


We did find seating next to each other (thank god) I couldn’t take that boredom without her to whisper comments to. The masquerade was CRAP! It had a few funny moments that my brain can’t remember ‘cause the over-all crappiness is blocking it out! There were like 100 boring ass walk ons…*smacks head on desk* why, why, why!


They ended it with some retarded walk on!! HELLO! OH! Great AN Maqs. Director: End the show with a BANG! That’s sort of a RULE of thumb, isn’t it…Yeah, you go right a head and scratch your head and say “DUH, What!” geezz…

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