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First off, CLick the link to see the entries to last week's contest.

Window's Paint Entries

Kon nichi wa Mina-san!!!

This week's letter is dedicated to our Anime Club's Official First cosplay experience!

LOOK LOOK!! Our cosplay photos! From Anime North! (See Erick I put them up...only took, what? A month...teehee!)


I'll be nice to poor lori (My cuz cosplaying as Sasuke) and not make fun of her 'cause she wasn't ready when this picture was taken...well so she says. AWW! poor Karl-kun he is so dark you barely notice him in the picture. *everyone awwws poor Karl* Erick looks the best (in my opinion). He was also the one who stayed in character the most. I tried but I'm just not girlie enough to cosplay as Sakura. Speaking of me, I suppose I should say something about myself here, as I'm makin' cracks at my fellow cosplayers and all.


1. Too big (the costume you meanies! not me!)

2. The circles were too small

3. I used hot glue to keep a white strip on my pants up and it didn't fuckin' burned when I put it on! (NOTE: yeah, yeah, I was a moron and hot glued it on while I was still wearing the pants..stop laughing!)

4. My ninja-killing-tool (what's it called again?) never fully dried 'cause I over paper-mached it.

5. and lastly, I didn't go as Haku (which was my orginial plan!)

Pat's cosplay was good (NOTE: I know it was rushed so I'm being kind). Chirog didn't cosplay at all but you can see him in the picture *points to the side* yeah, that's him there. G-girl went as Hinata but I'm not sure where she is...she was around I suppose. Her cosplay was good too!! Also rushed..but *claps* to her 'cause I know how hard it was you her not to go as a Star Wars character! (NOTE: I do re-call using a WHOLE roll of tape to keep those patches on her jacket..LOL..and they still didn't stay on!)


This is the big Naruto Group! I still can't believe I thought I was going to be SO original going with that series!!


It's pat, me, and lori (my cuz). I don't know who took this photo but I remember it being taken. It was right after Pat bought his chips (to keep in he says.teehee). I did have a plan to steal those chips but I never followed joke! :P

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